Tuesday, October 25, 2011

McDonald's vs. Homemade.

For this comparison I'm using my previous meal (cheeseburger, asparagus, mandarin oranges) and comparing it to a typical meal one would buy at McDonald's (Big Mac, medium fries, baked apple pie).

The total price of the ingredients for my homemade meal was $15.95. This meal fed five people.
The total price of the comparison meal from McDonald's would cost $27.40 to feed five people.

Nutrition: (for one serving)
This is the nutritional information on my homemade meal according to http://caloriecount.about.com/Cheeseburger: calories-359, fat-19.8g, cholesterol-52mg, sodium-976mg, carbs-28g, protein-17.8g
Asparagus: calories-80, fat-0.8g, cholesterol-0g, sodium- 864mg, carbs-14.8g, protein-8.8g
Mandarin oranges: calories- 90, fast-5g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-20mg, carbs-20g, sugar-20g, protein-1g

This is the nutritional information on the McDonald's meal according to their website:
Big Mac: calories-540, fat-29g, cholesterol-75mg, sodium-1,040mg, carbs-45g, protein-25g
Fries: calories-380, fat-29g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-370mg, carbs-48g, protein-4g
Baked apple pie: calories-250g, fat-13g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-120g, carbs-32g, sugar-13g, protein-2g
As you can see, my homemade meal was both cheaper and healthier than the McDonald's alternative. It took more time to prepare, but I definitely think it was worth it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homemade Cheeseburger (:

Tonight I made one of my favorite American meals: the cheeseburger. First I bought all of my ingredients:

Lean hamburger; already thawed out.

Whole wheat buns.
Some baby spinach leaves.

Sweet mandarin oranges; as a side.
And some fresh asparagus, also as a side. The only other ingredients not pictured (because they were in my fridge at the moment) are ketchup, mustard, cheddar cheese, and onion.
Altogether, it's going to take 25-30 minutes to make this meal. The first thing you should do is wash off your vegetables and start on prep-work. The only prep-work for this meals is getting all the ingredients out, cutting off the tough ends of the asparagus, and preheating your oven to 450 degrees.

The asparagus is going to take a longer time to cook than the hamburgers, so focus on getting that ready before anything else.
Get out a baking pan that will fit the amount of asparagus you have. Spread vegetable oil or butter into the bottom of the pan and place your asparagus on top.
Season the asparagus with salt and pepper.

Spread a thin layer of butter on the top of the asparagus so that it will retain more moisture as bakes.
Your oven should be ready to go now, so put in the asparagus and set your timer for 20 minutes.
Now you can get the hamburger ready. I like to use a griddle so that I can cook more hamburger patties at the same time, but if you don't have one a pan will do just fine.
Heat the griddle (or your stove), to 350 degrees and set your hamburger patties on top.

You need to wait until you can see brown half way through the burgers on their side, before you flip them. In the meantime, get all of your condiments ready.
If you want cheese on your burger, just place it on top of your patty once it has cooked enough to flip it. I like my buns to be slightly toasted, so I usually take this time to put all of my hamburger buns in the toaster.

It should take about 10 minutes for the hamburgers to be thoroughly cooked. When your hamburgers are done, your asparagus should be too. Then all you have to do is fix your plate.

 And bon appetit! (: