Tuesday, October 25, 2011

McDonald's vs. Homemade.

For this comparison I'm using my previous meal (cheeseburger, asparagus, mandarin oranges) and comparing it to a typical meal one would buy at McDonald's (Big Mac, medium fries, baked apple pie).

The total price of the ingredients for my homemade meal was $15.95. This meal fed five people.
The total price of the comparison meal from McDonald's would cost $27.40 to feed five people.

Nutrition: (for one serving)
This is the nutritional information on my homemade meal according to http://caloriecount.about.com/Cheeseburger: calories-359, fat-19.8g, cholesterol-52mg, sodium-976mg, carbs-28g, protein-17.8g
Asparagus: calories-80, fat-0.8g, cholesterol-0g, sodium- 864mg, carbs-14.8g, protein-8.8g
Mandarin oranges: calories- 90, fast-5g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-20mg, carbs-20g, sugar-20g, protein-1g

This is the nutritional information on the McDonald's meal according to their website:
Big Mac: calories-540, fat-29g, cholesterol-75mg, sodium-1,040mg, carbs-45g, protein-25g
Fries: calories-380, fat-29g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-370mg, carbs-48g, protein-4g
Baked apple pie: calories-250g, fat-13g, cholesterol-0g, sodium-120g, carbs-32g, sugar-13g, protein-2g
As you can see, my homemade meal was both cheaper and healthier than the McDonald's alternative. It took more time to prepare, but I definitely think it was worth it.


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